Texas Mutual Work Comp Options Due To COVID-19

  • Cancellation - As of March 25, Texas Mutual is not canceling policies due to non-payment or non-reporting for 60 days. We will not charge late fees during this time.
  • Furloughed payroll - If your clients suspend operations due to COVID-19 but continue paying their employees, we can exempt this payroll from the premium calculation. To do so, we're asking agents of record to provide advance notice in writing. 
  • Classification changes - If a policyholder has placed employees into new roles temporarily due to COVID-19, you may get questions about whether or not it impacts their payroll classification. According to the NCCI Basic Manual, it depends. There are specific rules that address different scenarios, which we can help you work through. Contact us at (800) 859-5995 and an underwriter will work with you to properly address your clients' specific circumstances. 
  • Payroll adjustments - For policies on payroll reporting, there is no need for a policy revision. The policyholder should simply report the payroll they have, and the premium will be adjusted accordingly. For installment policies, you can request the change online by logging in to texasmutual.com, or you can email underwriting@texasmutual.com