Travelers Payment Options

Effective immediately, we are suspending cancellation and nonrenewal of coverage due to nonpayment through May 15, 2020. We will not charge interest, late fees or penalties during this period, providing policyholders extra time to pay their premiums without risking cancellation.

We’re committed to working with you and your customers during these challenging times. Agents, brokers and customers who are able to make payments should do so as they normally would. For Agency Bill accounts where your customer is unable to make payments, please contact us so we can work through this together.

In addition to complying with any regulatory orders, we will continue to monitor ongoing developments related to COVID-19 and adjust our policies as needed.

We encourage you to visit our dedicated COVID-19 site on where you can find details on this billing relief plan and a helpful FAQ section.

You and your customers may also contact a Travelers billing representative, who can help answer any questions.•

For U.S. Personal Insurance, visit or call 1-800-842-5075.•

For U.S. Business Insurance and Bond & Specialty Insurance, call 1-800-252-2268.