Hacks of The Week

Orbitz was hacked exposing 880,000 payment cards.  City of Atlanta experienced a Ransomware attack when a city worker clicked on a bad link in a fraudulent email.  Most city services were offline and criminals would not restore services unless they were paid $51,000 ransom in Bitcoin (cryptocurrency).  

Besides stealing personal and financial information, passwords are highly valued giving cyber criminals the ability to access personal investment, bank, and credit card accounts.  Several vendors have emerged to help you identify threats.  Breach Alarm will allow you to check your email address to see if it was involved in a breach, or posted to the dark web with your passwords.  Since it's almost impossible to prevent employees from clicking on bad links or opening documents that expose your company's network, computer, and customer files, Hacker Insurance is as important as Fire and Windstorm coverage.  Contact us for a quote or to discuss why Hacker Insurance has extreme value to your business.