Have A Professional Check Your Roof

If your Residential or Commercial Roof is over 15 years old we recommend you have a Professional Roofer look at your aging roof.   If you have a 3-Tab 20 Yr shingle roof, most don't last 20 years in Texas due to severe hot and cold weather.  Due to contraction and expansion especially around chimneys and other flashing areas is where most leaks occur. 

Commercial roofs are generally modified bitumen or single ply roofing structures.  Each of these products are melted together during installation which leaves seams that deteriorate or time.  Commercial roofing needs maintenance done annually, especially cleaning down spouts for debris or clogs.  Most commercial roofing claims we see are not caused by wind or hail, but areas of no maintenance or caused by stopped up drains and down spouts which is excluded from coverage under most policies.   No personal or commercial insurance policy will pay for damage caused by wear and tear.   In Texas most consumers expect to get a new roof every 10-12 years.  Unfortunately, many home and business owners are now faced with paying the full cost to replace their roof due to age and natural deterioration.  

Residential Roof Replacement – We recommend at least a 30 Yr Architectural Shingle over 20 Yr 3 Tab Shingles.   The cost difference is minimal and the roof will last longer and withstand stronger winds and hail. 

Now that most all consumers have a 1% Wind / Hail Deductible it makes sense to consider installing a hail resistant roof.  The additional cost is usually less than the deductible, and reduces the premium.  These saving add up over time.

Finally, if you have a hail or weather event that may have caused damage to your roof, contact a professional roofer to inspect for damage.  Most inspections are free. 

Most insurance companies now require you to submit a claim and make repairs within 1 year from the Date the Damage Occurred.   If you wait until your roof starts leaking to submit a claim, or don’t report the damage within the insurance company’s timeline, you could have no coverage for old damage.  When in doubt call us for advice.