How To Stop Texting While Driving

Some of the worst claims I have seen for both Personal and Commercial Customers is texting while driving. All of us are guilty of texting or checking text while driving. All of these type claims end in death or severe damages in most cases. If you have employees that drive trucks or spend most of their time on the road, I recommend Cell Control. One of my agent friends insures a large electrical contractor with 20 trucks and suggested Cell Control since they averaged 1 claim per month. They discovered most wrecks occurred while employees were texting, reading text, or trying to make phone calls. Since installing Cell Control in the vehicles, they have had no more claims. The device disables all cell phones once the vehicle is in motion. I am not sure the cost, but they say it's affordable. There are other vendors that provide similar services so the choice is yours. You can search the web for similar services, but you can find Cell Control at