Teen Driving Apps

As a parent you should consider the free AT&T DriveMode and TrueMotion Mojo apps for iPhone and Android, which help teens become better drivers.

  • AT&T DriveMode includes features such as blocking smartphone notifications, calls and texting while a teen is driving. It also can be set up to send an alert to parents if the app is turned off or if certain features are disabled. (DriveMode is available for customers of all mobile carriers, though certain features may vary based on carrier.)
  • Mojo offers coaching and positive motivation to prevent distracted driving. The app automatically begins tracking a trip when it detects driving behavior, and participants earn points if they avoid swiping their smartphone screen, typing and taking or making calls. With enough distraction-free driving, teens can earn a chance to win gift cards.

We have not tested these apps yet, but they come highly recommended by Safeco Insurance Company.  We have seen catastrophic auto claims due to texting and driving at all age levels.  Studies show texting and driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving.